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A pianolas is a piano playing itself, through a music perforated paper. It is also called a player piano or an auto piano and it performs the action of a piano through a programmed perforated paper in an electro mechanical mechanism called a pneumatic mechanism. The pianola can also be played through metallic rolls.

pianolas became popular when the pianos started to be produced in great numbers. The invention of more modern recording mechanism initiated the decline of these self playing pianos.

History of Pianolas

The history of automatic musical devices goes back many centuries with the use of pinned barrels to operate percussion mechanisms. Organ was the first musical instrument to be automated. As it required each note to be stuck with various forces to bring out the real quality of music in a piano, it was the most complex musical instrument to automate. This was done by the player hitting the keys which proved to be complicated to combine the different forces for a sustained duration.

In 1876, in Philadelphia, three working devices were exhibited that between them contained almost all the components that a pianola would require. This jumpstarted the music business in a grand manner. It was in the middle 1890s, in a small workshop near Detroit, Michigan, USA that Edwin S Votey developed his piano playing device, the Pianola.

The 1920–30 was the decade that saw the player piano reach its peak in its popularity and usage, but then started its rapid decline.

Music Rolls

Pneumatic pianolas work on the perforated music rolls which are a continuous sheet of paper. These perforated papers are usually rolled on to a spool. The paper contains perforations which is the programmed music score played by the reading mechanism.

Pianolaman in Sydney

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