Get the Perfect Bale Handling Solution for Square and Round Bales

Does your farm machinery and implements manufacturer offer you the perfect bale handling solution? Bale handling machinery and equipment offer incredible value and boost farm productivity but you must have the right equipment by your side which does not require numerous pre-season maintenance and does not result in numerous downtimes to impact farm productivity. One issue that many farmers may not be aware of is that equipment are built deliberately with a shelf life so that the farmers can keep going back to the manufacturer to update their machinery or purchase new ones. The situation is however different when it comes to Tuscan – one of the most trusted suppliers of round silage bale spike and other bale handling equipment.

A Farming Engineering Concern with a Family Tradition

One of the main reasons why Tuscan products are unique is that they are anchored on a rich family tradition and family values. The company is run by a four generation farming family with two generation experience in the supply of farming equipment built to last with great engineering standards. One of the main strengths of Tuscan’s bale handling equipment is that they are built to last. The family has been in the farming business for generations and is uniquely positioned to understand the most minute of problems which farmers are likely to face when it comes to bale handling. The Tuscan hay handling equipment are not the ones which are likely to be overtaken by technological changes in two to three years.

The Tuscan round silage bale spike

Tuscan has redone the old bale spike and now offers a new version that comes with the numerous advantages. For example, unlike other machines, it has incredible durability. You can use it comfortably in your bale handling without worrying about breakdowns, downtimes and constant maintenance tasks. The quality of Tuscan’s machines guarantee farmers not only smooth and efficient handling but also greater safety and productivity. The company has taken into consideration the complaints of farmers and incorporated it into the design to produce an intuitive design that makes life easier for many farmers in the Australasian region.

The design

The round silage bale spike is hydraulic powered and can handle both square and round bales of whichever size which can be easily transported across the farm, or more often, to the feed mixers. When it comes to the transportation, the equipment also comes with another advantage – it makes it easier to load the bale to the mixers. With its hydraulic arms, an operator can grip the silage bales with widths ranging from 3 feet up to 9 feet. The equipment is so versatile that it can be used not only as a round bale grab but also to grab the square bales. For farmers, this versatility is of practical value as it also results in equipment savings.

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