Fonts, branding, and design: What business owners really need to know

Have you ever asked yourself once why you bought a product? Is it because you badly needed it? Or is it because it looked neat? The truth is, some products, their logos, and their fonts are really designed to entice you to buy them. Just think about using a romantic font on a Valentine’s Day card versus using a Halloween, Freddie-Krueger font on the same card. Makes the difference, doesn’t it? Any signwriters Perth has these days would say yes to that.

A little perspective

For a little perspective before going into the details, you could look at the Disney company logo. In most parts of Australia, many people can recognize the Disney logo, even from afar. That’s an indication of a well-designed logo. On the other hand, you have to realize too that the “D” on its logo is a bit puzzling since it appears like a flipped “G”. Despite that, it’s still successful and popular in the masses, most especially in the younger markets.

What is the secret sauce put in this? Experts from the graphic design industry, such as some sign writers Perth has today know what’s going on. Visit here Kingman Visual

Now, if you’re a business owner who’s curious about fonts and is looking for a great digital sign company design Perth has today, these are things you must really know, as a client:

Looking at the whole versus the details.

Experts from the graphic design industry, including sign writers, can teach you a thing or two about the Gestalt Typography Theory and Design Principles. The theory founder, Gestalt, suggests that when it comes to graphics, most people look at the graphics as a whole more, rather than focus on the parts. Apparently, the human eye isn’t trained to give attention to details at first glance. In simpler words, the human brain is more likely to group things and see them as one.

Explains a lot about the Disney logo, if you think about it. This is why the Disney logo worked—the confusing letter D didn’t really bother the people, as it coordinated with the other letters. Relevance between parts is important as it implies coherence, and considering how the human brain is also a fan of symmetry, it considers harmonized parts as attractive.

Smart sign writers always practice this principle when designing. If you own a small business in Perth who wants expertise from sign writers Perth design companies usually hire, then you must assess them if they at least know this principle.

So if you’re a new business owner, you should really hire a sign writer who can design a logo that is more viable to look at as a whole.

Familiarity is crucial.

One of the most crucial factors of branding is familiarity. Who would attract customers with a constantly changing logo? People, apparently, don’t like dealing with the unfamiliar. Change sometimes irks them.

So if you’re a start-up or established business owner who’s having a hard time attracting loyal customers, you must hire talented building sign writers in Perth to give your branding schemes a boost. You should also choose to hire an experienced sign company Perth for LED signs if you want to cultivate familiarity in your signage.

Lastly, don’t forget to incorporate consistency in branding and design. If you’d look at giant companies who are successful and still standing today, you’ll see that consistency was part of their core principles in branding.

Branding and design, even in the form of fonts, is truly significant in building a company’s identity and success. If you’re looking for building sign writers in Perth, you may try visiting the likes of Kings man Visual in their website,